Looking for new projects to test my UX skills and better ways to improve my communication with developers, I joined the BBVA Hackathon 2019

Between various challenges available during the weekend, I chose the one focused on solving world food shortage by helping local farmers. We needed to consider climate change, fair trade, and misinformation as crucial topics that affect this sector to find a solution.
Designing a tool that could help local farmers increase their annual crop productivity to attend world food shortages.

Compare design methodologies with developers and their approach to user experience in product design.
UX designer and Presenter.
My Work
Guide the team's research to define our main problem and answer the what, who, why, how questions.

the feasibility of our idea with the business analyst to define the main pillars of our "new company.

personas and empathy maps to help us have a more human-centered approach.

a roadmap with all the team members to deliver on time.

an interactive prototype to pitch our idea and help developers code the app. 

the project to the judges.
An interactive prototype working on my phone, a functional app running in one of the developer's laptop, and a feasible business model.
The reason we chose a gamified user experience is that we agreed that the majority of farmers had learned these processes empirically.

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