During my participation in the Hult Prize 2016, I met the founders of a social impact startup called ATLAS. They invited me to design their brand and help them refine their user interface.
This was my first approach to design a complete mobile product, so I was very excited to prove my previous skills with simple UI projects I did in college. 
I was the UI designer of a full startup team. Communicating from Mexico City with the founders in San Francisco and developers in Pakistan.
My Work
Redesign the whole app in one month and give developers everything they needed to be ready for the launch day.

They've already been working on the UX and UI of the app. So basically, I needed to make it look fresh and respect all the previous screens they designed. 

As soon as I started delivering, they gave me the chance to propose some changes. It took a little bit more than a month, but everyone was excited with the results.
A fresh branding you can see in my Behance Portfolio and a high fidelity prototype I've made using XD to help me communicate with developers.
Here's a video I've made for walking you through the app, or you can simply navigate the prototype.​​​​​​​

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